Welcome to study at Auranlaakso Adult Education Centre!

Auranlaakso Adult Education Centre (Auranlaakson kansalaisopisto) welcomes all new and former students to take part in our activities, to study together, and to get excited about new knowledge and skills!

Our institute is providing study opportunities mostly for adults, but have many courses and private lessons for children too. We also welcome immigrant students to take the Finnish language and other studies!

The function of our institution is based on the liberal adult education act. This centre have the task of responding to changing educational needs. Through our teaching activities – and by creating conditions for lifelong learning – we’re strengthening both social cohesion and active citizenship.

Education is offered mainly in the following topics: Different languages, arts and crafts, dance and exercise, art of cookery, culture, history and information technology.

Annually there are provided approximately 9.000 lessons and 5.000 students in our education centre. We have nearly 40 teaching locations in the area of Pöytyä, Aura, Marttila and Oripää.

About half of the costs of the institution are covered by the government (statutory government transfer) and the rest comes from student fees and from the municipalities

Nowadays we have also some international projects. Colleges, schools and other institutes in foreign European countries which are interested in co-operation with us, can approach us by sending emails (in English, Swedish or Finnish).

Do not hesitate to join our lessons! The courses available in Auranlaakso Adult Education Centre can be found in the program, which is released as a printed version in the middle of August. That course program will be announced on these wep pages as early as in the end of June.


Most easily you can contact us by e-mail:

Office sari.isomaki@poytya.fi

Rector ilkka.virta@poytya.fi

The full-time teachers also answer your questions about our courses. You can send them e-mails directly or leave messages them through the office.